Ronnie Coleman the many time Mr.Olympia would attest that strength is a natural characteristics in the same way that being good looking or having great palette or being desirable to another sex is.


Strength is definitely in part inherited. 


Lifting however is probably also as much a gift as anything else.


In my time I've seen people gravitate to lifting like a dolphin does to ocean water. Others will struggle for a lifetime literally trying to perfect their form inside their frame which betrays their ability to lift any type of weight they'll need a lifetime of learning to even get decent at it. Others still are impugned as natural lifters no matter what even if they aren't and so what does it mean to be gifted at lifting things or gifted at anything for that matter inside the gym. It means you put in work but it also means you pay attention to how much you can lift for your body weight. This is going to help a lot of people understand that they can lift and get stronger even if they're not naturally haven't an aptitude for it.

Why are Green so Important


Part of being healthy is admission. Admitting it’s impossible to live in a modern society without succumbing to moderny’s chilly indifference to our health actually is key. Once upon a time, we ate what we grew and no sprouts meant upset society. Now, we subconsciously make the choice to eat however we want hoping it doesn't harm us long term. 


Enter in the green revolution not with autonomous cars but with supplements. Supplements are looking to combine everything into one potable emerald form. Emerald because what's natural in the world, not when you look up outside but down, is green. Green grass, green veggies, and green algae are about as natural an order as it gets: lots of nutrients and micros. 


Green supplements go further. These drinks include a micronutrient profile which makes the Pacific ocean blush. 

Here is why greens are important:


  1. Spirulina
  2. Seaweed/chlorella
  3. Convenient
    1. When you don't get a full meal only
      1. Not as replacement
    1. Good or bad?

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Stay active physically but also, stay with it upstairs. Being in amazing shape means your cognitive abilities stay heightened. And, being at the gym is the best place to sharpen your body - true - but also your brain. Doing the same quotidian stuff day after day makes us dull, aloof, and sees our attention wane. Daydreaming and drifting off at work or at crucial family gathering time might cost you. 


Good news: spending more time digging deep and getting after it in the gym only sharpens your mind. 


Training releases the serotonin, the dopamine which boosts global motivation and mood. But does so over time. This isn’t like pill-popping. Training increases blood flow and norepinephrine - billowing your attention and memory to new heights. Other than neurotransmitters, training opens you up socially - increasing your habits for empathy and social-hormone oxytocin, buoying eye contact. All this is important for LEARNING and maintaining the physical body. 


When we’re stressed, we can’t learn and can’t grow. 


We say it all the time, that the world is “chaotic” which alludes to its natural instability. While the world and immediate environments are not actively trying to destroy us (probably more the opposite), our daily lives - commuting, travel, learning and schooling - involve levels of physical entropy. Getting injured from overuse or a trip and fall are real threats to our physicality. 


I see it all the time: when we’re working out in the gym and are active, we rarely injure ourselves compared to when you're lazy and bumming around. 


  1. HRM
  2. RPE
  3. 1 Group workout per week maybe
  4. Do new or adjacent stuff




Some of us treat sleep like dating your lifelong best friend romantically - when sleep’s around life’s peachy, when gone, we act like we never missed it. 


We know this is part of my everyday matrix wherein, you smash the reset button each day and seek to optimize certain aspects of your health to feel your best. Sleep is the most important mindset matrix component. But, we forget to treat sleep like the sacrosanct instance it is.


People are really here thinking they have Leo Da vinci genes and getting sleep whenever the mood strikes as if this does not have deep profound and mickle consequences on their lives. Mainly, mood and productivity suffer but also, we perceive threats differently and might even cognitively shut down out of nowhere for a second!


More sensitive in some cases than  others, people will need to stop skipping the sleep or forgetting to re-up. When your sleep cycle is destroyed, try to find time to sleep more because it’s too common for us to act like we don’t need it all. You’re lowkey suffering!


Resetting the Sleep Cycle


  1. Try to keep your wake up times the SAME
  2. Keep your 1st meal times THE SAME!
    1. Discrepancies in wake up versus eating times for early risers
  3. Sleep way, way earlier than you think the day you miss out on sleep
  4. Don’t be too shy to take a nap
  5. Sleep aids mostly don’t work - naturally.
  6. Anxiety is a huge factor. 
  7. Binaural beats?

The world might be your proverbial playground if you were into chin ups and muscle ups as kids. Sometimes boredom will inspire children to creative physical endeavors for sure. No doubt, when you were a kid, you had more flexibility and global strength as a result of that creativity and motion. Still, adults experience more power, singular strength and endurance and applied strength. We shouldn’t become boring adults who never challenge the motion and movement pattern freely available to us as kids though. Calisthenics makes it happen.


Looking at the boot camps for the military, we derived burpees, pull ups and push ups. Special forces created the TRX. Calisthenics are done by guys like T major. Distance running dominates the mindset of guys like Goggins and others who know you might have the genes to outrun your prey - something humans are naturally more gifted than other animals (the only physical thing, btw.)


Science proves that correct calisthenics can improve your size, strength and more like you have weights. 


Calisthenics must be part of your life. 


  1. Start out learning the Pilates basics
  2. Increase your angles with TRX
  3. Pull up, push ups and running
    1. Burpees, core and Pilates
  4. Experience with doing one legged variants for contralateral and ipsilateral movement and strength

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LIVE WEEKLY Year-Round Fight-style Training:

Starts this Summer





Training seasons are broken into pieces so that athletes have time to relax. Even amongst the most elite, there's a condition called overtraining. Overtrained people are tired, lack motivation, have metabolic issues and inflammation. Most people, if there’s nothing on the calendar become overwhelmed by the inconsistencies, even perceived, of a variable working schedule. 

Train like you have an event on the calendar all the time.

  1. Train like you have an end date in mind
  2. Create an end date
    1. I know people who take lots of vacations
  3. Don't Practice eating in cycles. 
    1. Cook more
    2. Shop more
  4. Globally, try to make as food as possible

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LIVE WEEKLY Year-Round Fight-style Training:

Starts this Summer





Grind inside the gym long enough and you soon must consider the role of recovery. Recovery ranges from passive rest periods and passive nutrition to active-passive methods like cryo, hyperbarics and massage to active means like recovery jogging. You safest bet hinges on the stockpile of the handhelds: massage guns, nutritional supplements and recovery ephemera lingering in your gym bag or bouncing in your back seat. 


Among these handhelds, the massage guns have become near ubiquitous in the gym. Access to one of these is virtual guarantee despite where you are in your fitness so take advantage. 


Your permutation of recovery doesnt have to include everything but should include so nutrition too. 


  1. Massage gun basics
  2. Heat
  3. Hydration

Different shoes allow for different moves inside the gym. Shoes of this World Order make walking painless, walking en vogue effortless as possible flat out easy. Once again, consumerist America and the West make chess out of checkers. You don’t even make freaking shoes to workout at all! Still, there are more types of shoe options than ever. 


Gone is the era of 200 dollar kicks for basketball alone - this instead represents your status more than your stance. With so many options to wreck shoes which represent status and fitness and comfort and the nexus of all three, what the hell should you be wearing.


A personal aside: I wish I could live ever more minimally for  shoewear than I do even now. I will stretch the lifespan of shoes longer than visually conformable for OTHERS which is eons longer than their functionality. To me, they’re something to cover my toes and prevent my toe from getting stubbed occasionally. 


But, I want better for you guys. If you have the option:


  1. Get trial shoes for hiking, walking because they translate. But they’re bad for liftin
  2. When lifting, get something with a flatter feel. Lifting, kettlebells, jogging on pavement briefly. 
  3. MArtial arts require flat, no, or coverved soled shoes. 
  4. Cross trainers, or tennies, are you next best option in the gym
  5. Support-wise, laced your shoes up.
  6. Toes- shoes what do you think??
  7. Combat Boots




“Shoes that do not fit the feet change the foot bones and hamper gait posture, in addition to causing various adverse conditions, including calluses, corns, neuroma, hallux valgus, toe deformities, ankle sprains, Achilles tendinitis, and knee and back pain. In modern society, women tend to disregard their own physical characteristics while choosing shoes”

Between going hard all the time and cooling out we find home. How many of us heard you’re either going super hard or going super home. Who ever told you that forgot the punchline. Invest in duration and invest in staying active and moving about no matter what. 


Something is glamorous about doing as little as possible and vegging out. We crave what was noticeably forgotten to be underwritten into the rules of our society - rest. So, we’ve learned to become champions in full recline.


But we remember the industriousness and guts that make us who we are. The stories of our ancestors grinds way past the point of comfort make us barbarous if not determined to stay in shape.


Somewhere in the middle is us, today, and this is truthfully sustainable. Just dont be internet 


  1. What is physical interia?
  2. Why should be stay active
  3. Forming habits that keep you grinding.

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