November 23, 2021

Signs to Stress Less

As we know by now guys, our ego takes on many forms, ego, as it pertains to being a negative thing is simply our attachment with our self image. That attachment is so deep. It prevents us from being a full person, living a great life. That's accomplishing stuff. You guys already know how I feel about that limitation. We got to get to the bottom of it, sometimes getting to the bottom of it. It only takes a little bit of self-reflection and not a whole lot more than that. Other times, getting rid of the ego can take on a much more odious and pernicious kind of result.

My man, Terry unfortunately had the second thing happened, not the first many years back I trained Terry and it wasn't until he had a heart attack pretty much in near death experience. Did I fully get to see him change his mind and drop his angry ego in favor of a more calm life fueled by anger being overworked, having too many demands, even his personal preferences caused him to be really an ego-driven person. I could see it even when we trained together, this prevented him from being the likable funny, knowledgeable person that he really was. This ego just took over. Sometimes injury can do that. It can take away what we have, but just know that on the back end of that guys, there's light. You got to accept the injury except the happening that it happened. And now whenever that happens, make sure you turn that around into something much better. That's coming back from injury.


I have my long-time friend Chaka Cofie - he is always a vibe when he's in on the show.

We talk about rap as only two old friends can and also about how much ego plays into rap. Let's all be honest about the following: most of our best favorite rappers have giant egos, and that might be why we love them so much. I asked Chaka what it takes to get in the middle of a cipher. And how long do you have to last inside of the cipher to garner respect from the other participants? I also need to know more about who he thinks are some of today's best rappers and the results that he gives are surprising and nuanced as always. We also talk a little bit about what he's been doing since getting back into the mode of creating art and working out after the pandemic. We look forward to talking with Chaka and hearing his new projects. You can find his latest down below.



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What's good you guys Ego Killer is just about that - defeating the ego. Something that Thomas Diagne, our guests for the day, has done many times. We work with Thomas and talk about how, when we're inside the gym and someone gets the best of us, or when we have a bad day of training, this is nothing more than an opportunity to rebuild and get stronger. Sometimes it's good and healthy to think about and opine over your loss in the gym because it motivates you. Thomas is head striking coach at the world, famous American kickboxing academy in San Jose,

And is a very seasoned Glory Kickboxing fighter, San Shou former champion and mixed martial arts competitor. The man has a world of fighting experience and we see how that contrary to my feeling that Eagle was bad. Most of the time he feels it can boost you.

Let's all learn something new as Thomas talks about how having an ego might be quintessential for many fighters. As that belief makes fighters, enter the gym and compete with the best after competing with the best, that same positive sense of ego might actually propel you past your limits into something greater let's learn what Thomas feels about how having an ego is not a bad thing when used for positivity and reward.


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What's going on you guys today, we talked to Candice Mitchell, a Muay Thai fighter living in Toronto. Candice is the head coach at Toronto Kickboxing and Muay Thai and was a very interesting guest. We're going to dive into the reason Candice in her 30’s decided that she wanted a change of scenery and challenges within her life though. She has worked hard to get to where she is being of Trinidad descent. but wanted more from her life and thus decided to leave her old life of corporate work behind in order to pursue her passion – Thai Fighting – one of the most exciting fight styles, a way of life and intensely difficult physical practices any man or woman can compete in.

An incredible decision considering Candice has won multiple titles since. Today, we're going to learn about how she left what she knew in the dust in order to pursue a dream first, by going straight into the gym, then going to the heart of Muay Thai in the country of Thailand, and then here to the bay area back afterward to Toronto, make sure you keep up with Candy Krush. As she defends her titles and continues to be an inspirational fighter mentor, coach, and woman.


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and you can hear these episodes on the ego killer on YouTube channel.


Don't forget that you can join the

and you can hear these episodes on the ego killer on YouTube channel.


Don't forget that you can join the

and you can hear these episodes on the ego killer on YouTube channel.



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What's up! Welcome to 71

You guys, let's talk about the process of beating the ego. I should know how to do that, but I could always learn. And I learned from you guys! Because all these years have given me a very unique vantage where I get to see it happen sometimes right in front of me. I'll also tell a story about someone I met who had to break down her whole habits in order to find the means to change.

Drinking too much and having a demanding job can rob you of your time and efforts leaving your drained sometimes. She pretty much broke down her own ego, right in front of me. It's cool to watch others grow and get over their barriers and walls over time. That's what makes me come back more and more to train folks like you. The process has everything to do with looking at yourself, looking at your patterns, and then finding a way to overcome major barriers. At least once along your journey. If you do that, like my friend, you'll get to the end destination. You'll defeat your ego.


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What's up, you guys.

We're continuing season two with another story about someone that, you know, inside the gym. Let me tell you about my buddy, Charlie, who very easily could have been an amazing athlete. If not for his own transgressions, with his ego. I'm really thankful for those transgressions because Charlie's ego allowed me to kill my own. The day that me and him signed up to do a pull-up competition, an impromptu pull up competition, was the last time I ever thought I could just show up, show out and kick your in any type of athletic contest. I have Charlie to thank for that, I guess.

Okay. Let's talk about other ways that the ego prevents us from getting ahead in life. Let's also talk about ways that ego killing should be a regular thing that we do. Okay.


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July 13, 2021

Ego Killer

Ill be brief to welcome you back to the show and yes, this is not the first hiatus, I  know. But I want to reintroduce the show with a broader scope and an earthier vibe which reflects my personal reconnection to fitness.

I promise:

  • more guests
  • deeper connections with you all
  • stories you will relate to about people in the gym

This is week I will simply say, thanks for riding with me for the long haul, or, thanks for joining me! But look forward to dope stories about people you know or who are like who, whom I have met while being a trainer or coaching athletes.

All the while, let's trend toward a positive experience and outcome of being more at peace and loving, and determined and savvy. This is why I ask, "what's a fighter" at the end of this episode.

Because, I want to know: who among us has a fighter within and what motivates you all to move and perform, to excel and grind at, day after day.

I want us to pay it all forward and help others get there too.


Thanks for joining the show!


This is #66!


I'm lucky - training for almost 2 decades lets me see the human condition at its best. its most fluid.

I've noticed something: it's our *lifestyle* 🧬 which has the greatest day-to-day impact on your eating.

Late nights? Yall might graze throughout the day.
Early risers? You're mostly breakfast skippers.

and on and on....

Habits are the determinant factor in weight loss and health and not - as nutrition industry sells - specific foods and their "super" varieties.




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