September 27, 2022

Why are GREENS so Important | Green Supplement Review

Why are Green so Important


Part of being healthy is admission. Admitting it’s impossible to live in a modern society without succumbing to moderny’s chilly indifference to our health actually is key. Once upon a time, we ate what we grew and no sprouts meant upset society. Now, we subconsciously make the choice to eat however we want hoping it doesn't harm us long term. 


Enter in the green revolution not with autonomous cars but with supplements. Supplements are looking to combine everything into one potable emerald form. Emerald because what's natural in the world, not when you look up outside but down, is green. Green grass, green veggies, and green algae are about as natural an order as it gets: lots of nutrients and micros. 


Green supplements go further. These drinks include a micronutrient profile which makes the Pacific ocean blush. 

Here is why greens are important:


  1. Spirulina
  2. Seaweed/chlorella
  3. Convenient
    1. When you don't get a full meal only
      1. Not as replacement
    1. Good or bad?

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