September 4, 2022

”Who doesn’t love the grind?” | 3 Cures to Physical Interia

Between going hard all the time and cooling out we find home. How many of us heard you’re either going super hard or going super home. Who ever told you that forgot the punchline. Invest in duration and invest in staying active and moving about no matter what. 


Something is glamorous about doing as little as possible and vegging out. We crave what was noticeably forgotten to be underwritten into the rules of our society - rest. So, we’ve learned to become champions in full recline.


But we remember the industriousness and guts that make us who we are. The stories of our ancestors grinds way past the point of comfort make us barbarous if not determined to stay in shape.


Somewhere in the middle is us, today, and this is truthfully sustainable. Just dont be internet 


  1. What is physical interia?
  2. Why should be stay active
  3. Forming habits that keep you grinding.

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