October 28, 2022

”Treadmill Fitness” 4 Keys to Structuring your Workout/Workout Order

“Why are we doing this?” This question is valid and usable in the gym. Maybe you’ve even asked your coach this in the beginning of a training regimen or during the comeback phase of a cycle you took a break from. And again, this is totally valid. 


The WHY’s might be the most important reason to hammer down your fitness. Especially noticeable inside the gym when you see so many people training and doing the most when they should be perfecting the simple. Time and time again, this boils down to the why:


  • Why are you training
  • Why are you lifting versus doing cardio
  • Why are you taking a break
  • Why are you doing THIS before THAT


Workout order matters A LOT. It standarizes your training and solves the WHY. This is important otherwise you get lost inside the deluge of workout modalities and exercises. 


What comes before What


  1. Warmups should be SAMEY and focused on the movement for the day OR the movement for the muscle group
    1. If movement is complex
    2. Progressive in difficulty 
    3. CAN include the Treadmill or anything which increases heart rate
  2. Microcycle goals matter first
  3. Address Energy concerns first
  4. Ending with the highest working heart rate variable you can


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