May 30, 2018

#11 The President hates Fitness…or what?? | Does Trump actually represent our fitness ideals?


Our president might hate fitness

But can you blame a septagenarian who's eaten fast food most of his life for having little regard for a fitness lifestyle? Really. Trump never explains how he came to the conclusion that fitness might be lethal and yet was elected president at 70. In fact, he might make some intresting, though reductionist, points about the nature of nutrition and fitness.

Does he actually represent Americans' eating habits?

With KFC and McDonalds lying around in photos like this one reported today by the Washington Post

our president might actually be like many Americans who eat for satiety in lieu of the idea of health.


7:20 the president believes we have a lifelong battery of energy...

15:07 the American president eats American food, like an American. Is this a good representation?

19:45 he also thinks extreme exercise might be lethal - is working out alot shorten the lifespan?

28:20 the president's opinions about health and fitness, kind of make me feel weird...

33:55 if THIS is how we eat - where are our next generation of badass soldiers supposed to come from?!?


Still, this is troublesome to me as a fitness expert and coach really.

Simply because I want the next generation of marines and warriors to be in BETTER shape than my generation is now. And shit, how hard is it really to do 100 - 200 push ups a DAY? Maybe he does do this in his free time but then why talk crap about fitness, I wonder. Consdiering I wish no ill will on the man's health, the truth is this: even my most undermotivated trainee workout more than our president!


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