April 30, 2018

#6 The Millennials in the Gym Episode | Orange Theory is Brilliant for Fitness

Millennials workout differently in the gym

According to lots of worthy articles, this generation is more likely to pay hundreds per month for elite-level fitness. We talk about my surprise when my hyper-"millennial" trainees require, not weight loss or muscle growth - those fromerly desirable anachronisms of fitness - but Oly technique and kettlebell flows. 

Times have changed plently with regards to fitness and gym life thanks to this generation's wide latitude of influence.


(Opening - 9:18) Millennials demand higher priced fitness and expertise

(9.18) Orange Theory brillantly addresses your fitness needs. The anatomy of any HiiT Interval

(22.09) Women and millennials in the gym

(26.05) Paying for expertise

(36.32) Kendrick Lamar, his Section.80 and the Pulitzer Prize for brilliance and not "blackness."

Orange Theory is brillantly addressing your need to lose body fat.

OTF is generally pitting you in lightweight competition with others while employing universally consumable fitness tools perfectly, and it is quite brilliant.

No wonder this gym is almost EVERYWHERE!

Kendrick Lamar wins a Pulitzer for his genius expression rather than CNN.com 's astertion of a lifestime unaplogetic blackness.



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