May 1, 2018

#7 3 Tips for Badass Women in the Gym | Female Bodybuilding discussion | Girls who Lift Episode

Women in the Gym used to be just Bodybuilders, now they do it all

Women who workout hard develop the gym culture, enhance the gym experience and redefine #gymlife. When once, every female who lifted was a competitive bodybuilder or former one, times have conceded to welcome badass women who lift!

In fact, women participating in mma & fighting, modern bodybuilding and traditional sports have finally become more a welcome norm instead of some impressive curiosity.

Female Bodybuilding died but sowed the seeds for a TON of other bodybuilding avenues for women

Always remember, bodybuilders were here (in the gym) first! And, even though the bodybuilding category has diminished, the uproots for new atheltic expressions ever expands.


(10.04) Shift in bodybuilding

(23.30) #1 People stare at the gym, don't let it get to you

(27.35) #2 Workouts with your husband/partner/paramour/side piece and separate motivation

(34.53) #3 Weigh-ins are rough on everyone involved

(44.36) #(bonus)4 Fear not the heavy weights, they won't bulk you up

Check out my 3 tips women can watch out for, according to your coach!

Common to many women who lift, I can explain these three or four concerns many women experience at the gym. Don't allow others to influence what is YOUR time to work on your fitness and your body!

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