October 13, 2022

That’s a YOU Problem: tackling addiction in the Gym” | 3 keys why Addiction and Fitness Mix

Let’s get deeper into addiction which for the non-addictive personalities, is largely a YOU-PROBLEM. We have to. Gyming is a habit. Fitness is based on habits and habits are addiction’s kinfolk. Good habits are positively reinforced additions with the bad skimmed. Shit habits are addictions, full stop. Conflated enough for you?  That;s the nature of addiction and habits which is why people like me forever cringe when you decide to give-up or (in the case of Alex, add) types of food to your eating. But, also when you decide to hard-quit one habit or food. It is fuel for non-addictive folks to engage in addiction IMO. The result at least is energizing an addiction in the guise of fueling a habit.   When the smoke clears, we have probably just reset the natural reinforcement for addiction instead of habit -- even if you’re a non-addictive person. This is why fitness is either a habit or an addiction. Even though it is an addiction, IFF, it is - the best kind - like learning to cook or picking up the Spanish guitar. Being addicted to it means progress and failing is only minimally detrimental.   Addition anticipation Tolerance/binge Withdrawal Fitness Same but we look to maintain can  When we fall off, we are relapsing Relapsing is ok and normal and even accounted for

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