October 25, 2022

”Step Skippin” | Jumpstart Keys to remember so you Stay on Track

Once in a while, complex systems need a jumpstart. Systems, akin to the biology of us fresh-bags, at times require more energy than available to get back to creating the energy necessary. Energy to get from beginning a task to finishing necessitates some input of course. 


Breakfast is the jumpstart to each day as those initial calories launch the ancillary systems which keep us thinking throughout the day. Staying with food, juice cleanses are supposed to jumpstart the health habits of your long since inglorious diet trends of late. 


Anything that motivates is a jumpstart in the gym because when we pursue motivation as a weapon for change, we easily can get over the hump of “starting” and then producing habit. 


But just don’t RELY on jumpstarts: they’re ephemeral habits after all.


Let’s compare and contrast some jumpstarts and find ways to do so which produce long term habits over time, remembering, we’re midday through TTC when we are trying to jump start.

  1. New Years
    1. Good one, it’s a natural time frame
    2. Gives us lots of time to prepare (last season)
  2. Juice Cleansing
    1. Better
      1. Juicing
    2. Not sold
  3. Breakfast
    1. Natural hormone build up in the morning for cortisol and epinephrine
    2. Gateway to ghrelin and hunger habits
  4. General

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