November 4, 2022

”Skip this Never that” | 5 SKIPPABLE gym habits, still keeping you Active

Deciding to handle a huge fitness load, AKA, mesocycling, is hard. You have demands, goals and ambitions to conquer and with less time to piss away each week, management that load becomes daily mathematics. 


How much energy ,should be spent on lifting versus cardio. On cardio versus stretching or on resting the mind versus the body.


Truly, the ask is Herculean and you’re already thinking about how to juggle the responsibility of getting ripped. But remember, the goal, the real goal - the thing that sets everybody back from what I;ve witnessed, burnout - is to avoid STALLING OUT. Basically, inert bodies never get going again and so that;s the greatest anathema. 


But, looking to build on consistency mean you gotta leave some stuff out.

  1. Train forever the mind but rest the body accordingly 
    1. Periodize. Period.
  2. Build consistent habits ditch one and done thinking
    1. Even inside the gym
  3. Watch out for the OTHER inertia - doing the same shit every time out
    1. Make your shit harder and never easier
  4. Never skip eating for the most part just eat less
  5. You can skip wamups if youre advanced, IFF

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