October 24, 2022

”Over or Underrated: Doing Daily Shit that Scares Us” | 3 Resons challenges should be a lil Frieghtening

You’re supposed to see comfort as the enemy of inner growth. 


Any comfort runs counter to growth which is a testament to your ability to ably handle attrition and keep pushing forward. But who the hell wants that. Most of us want both - comfort as a reward for pushing and growth as an external signal we are aging the right way


We’re all getting older but we look to age with class or honor/dignity. Anything that refutes this we toss aside. That means getting active might be the bane of all this and maybe growth isn’t all that important as long as we’re happy.


But really, we should be challenging our comfort.


No one wants to sign up to be scared though.


So let’s take a look at what that really means. To do stuff that scares you doesn't mean you brown out everytime challenges erupt in life, which remember, ain’t shit else but a bunch of entropy.. But, it means you get to feel again. What you do with this feeling is another decision.


Doing stuff that scares you:


  1. Trigger - usually pain but can be/is:
    1. Pain
    2. Opinions
    3. Your self worth
    4. Hostility
  2. Behaviors
    1. Old behavior
      1. Don't train
      2. Don't train hard to stay within your means
      3. Don't apply your abilities
    2. New
      1. Work on adjacent and helpful abilities
  3. Consequences
    1. Bad
      1. Feel like shit because you feel like you failed
      2. Stop training
    2. Good
      1. Unbelievable resilience
      2. And you work on new stuff

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