September 29, 2022

”Natrually Gifted Lifters” | 4 Facts about Strength Ratios

Ronnie Coleman the many time Mr.Olympia would attest that strength is a natural characteristics in the same way that being good looking or having great palette or being desirable to another sex is.


Strength is definitely in part inherited. 


Lifting however is probably also as much a gift as anything else.


In my time I've seen people gravitate to lifting like a dolphin does to ocean water. Others will struggle for a lifetime literally trying to perfect their form inside their frame which betrays their ability to lift any type of weight they'll need a lifetime of learning to even get decent at it. Others still are impugned as natural lifters no matter what even if they aren't and so what does it mean to be gifted at lifting things or gifted at anything for that matter inside the gym. It means you put in work but it also means you pay attention to how much you can lift for your body weight. This is going to help a lot of people understand that they can lift and get stronger even if they're not naturally haven't an aptitude for it.

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