October 1, 2018

Let’s Talk Rap #4 | Lil Wayne “THA CARTER V” | Tha Best Creative Rapper Alive

Yo guys, remember these are impressions and not reviews. We focus on the feel and vibes of the art as it happens and so it's stream of consciousness. With that preamble out the way. Let's listen to some real music!

We have 5 main sections to our rap impressions

-Intro, I introduce the artist to you

-Topical/trends the artist talks about

-General thoughts on the art

-Overall meta breakdown of the work and how it fits in with modern music

-Best lyric on the whole joint

Wayne is the most creative artist in *mainstream* rap - and he doesn't even try to be mainstream. Like always, Wayne has several "easter eggs" to keep you interested and engaged fully.

5:15 My personal affinity for Lil Wayne's creative rap

7:15 Why I think Kanye is a weak rapper and Wayne is mega-creative - gradients of rap genius

8:45 Lil Wayne has a TON of amazing mixtapes

12:15 Intro about Wayne's music

17:25 Feels like a training album for Drake but less like a "Carter" album, but it is still very polished and clean.

23:05 Overall, it is a long, personal mega creative work.

25:50 Glad more veteran rappers are coming through with albums- theyre presence is felt.

28:30 personal lyric... a suicide attempt by Wayne????

30:00 My final word





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