April 18, 2018

#5 How to Quit Smoking! (the Easy/Hard way) | Bad diets recap

Stop Smoking Cigarettes the Easy/Challenging Way - (at least know what it takes)

One of my trainees told me the best remedy for cigarette addiction is shame. Shame, that powerful troglodidytic emotion related to disgust and self-loathing, is her suggestion for change. And, in part, she is right.

Nothing inspires change better than accepting this: "What I'm doing today, sucks - I can do better."

Follow these steps to quit smoking cigarettes the easy/challenging way.

1. After learning my other trainee's 90 year old father-in-law who quit smoking his pipe by incorporating two remedies, I suggest quitting using any and every means you have to do it. Adjust your lifestyle.


2. Are circumstances in your life shitty? Are you stressed out and sleeping poorly? Then keep smoking... for now. Really. Well, I mean, do not worry about qutting when you've little attention and energy to donate for the ardous journey of cigarette cessation. Quit when things are going great in your life - begin to quit when you have the best outlook possible.



3. Addiction gets fueled by repetition. The more spontaneous your life becomes, the less room exists to harbor addictions like cigarette smoking. Break up monotony to break the habit of smoking. This action helps your take the time you need to taper down the number (against Allen Carr's smart recommedations), of pokes you puff daily, until you can count them on one hand.


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