August 25, 2022

”Going away to come all the Way Back” | Post-Physical Therapy Rehab Regimen in 4 steps

Injuries are never welcomed events in anyone’s life. Injuries which debilitate and interfere with occupational and daily life are the worst. More painfully, when said contraindications happen during your actual training, maybe the urge arises to blame the training rather than the bog E, entropy. But the injury, maybe a severe low back torsion, a broken carpal or badly strained neck, knee or nose even, becomes a forced hard reset on your everyday grind. 


That’s ok. That’s more ok if you actually RESET and recover.


So many of us play through pain for the ignobility of being labeled the baddest on the block but really, this mantle belongs to those who COMEBACK from injury more than work through it. 




Power down and re-frame your daily protocol. 



  1. Isolate
  2. Stretch and move
  3. Strengthen


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