May 9, 2018

#8 Get Out of YOUR Way | Great Talent Doesn’t have to Fail!

Even Great Talents... Flop

Truly talentened athletes have to keep working hard and appreciate the power of an ironclad work ethic. In fact, any talent must be buoyed by a sense of pride and hard work otherwise our talents are wasted and we become defeated.

While this is very human, we always have the means to DO BETTER.

So answer this:

What's Next?

Answering this easy question gives us a reason to get up in the morning and attack the day with a sense of pride about our work. And, more matter where we work, we are allowed the same prizes if we believe in our abilities!


15.10 Murphy's Law will happen - meaning, anything that can simply happen, will

20.25 Paint a picutre of success instead of easy defeatism

23.04 Storytime - former trainee

27.20 Building a work ethic is a skill

31.10 Motivation is a FEELING

35.19 No wants to be an ass

39.42 Notice your happiness and the moment to change


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