September 7, 2018

#17 Get Back UP! | How to make a comeback!


1:35 Trip ups happen among your fitness and physical journey - it's natural. Especially when you travel for work frequently.

4:00 We do things to keep us moving which betrays our reasons to get in shape like smoking, overeating, having too much coffee.

5:42 "You have to go away to come back." Take a breath sometimes, would you??! With my trainees, I make them do bodyweight exercises which make them use their bodies rather than lifting weight constantly.

8:00 Here's how to set up a bodyweight program that is intense to comeback from general physcial injuries.

10:09 do more YOGA and other ways to stay strong

12:51 Stop using a broomstick or dowel to practice complex movements please... thanks.

15:24 Injuries of the heart, maybe becuase of personal or financial loss, sets us back but doesn't defeat us.

17:35 The process of de-motivation... and how to comeback from it

18:40 Difficulties are signs that change is needed. They are not the insurmountable obstacles we perceive them...

20:00 Worrying is natural... but in those moments, we need to DOUBLE DOWN on the things that make us happy and stronger


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