August 28, 2018

#16 FItness as We Age | Based on Ninja Warrior, Who are the Fittest Humans????

3:35 Imagery and imagining the moment of victory

5:07 The History of American Ninja Warrior

8:05 Who are the Fittest People on the Planet????? is it these competitors? CLimbing and bouldering HAS TO be involved in the makeup of the most fit people on Earth. Power - explosive moves, some anareobic endurance and mobility, and being able to climb stuff make for the most strong and fit people around.

16:37 Older folks have to stay in shape too because Father Time, that fucker, is undefeated! We want a quality of life as we age... here's how we go about it.

17:30 Age creeps up on us gradually

18:57 Aging for women is even more brutal. You bettter look 30 years younger than you are. While 21:45 men get away with anything

22:13 My trainee Vasily has aged worse than a leather catcher's mitt. He predicted this years ago.

24:05 The greatest gesture you can do for someone else actively is exercise with them.

26:01 Why older folks have a harder time working out based on heart rate. Remind them they are staying healthy and positive.

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