November 18, 2022

”Do you lift? No? Okay then…” 4 Reasons to STOP or pause Lifting

The act of Weightlifting, like baseball or hockey, or learning to barbecue might be an inheritable skill set which can be developed and honed over years of practice. Practice makes weightlifting efficient and honing your craft makes you stronger. 


Consider how often you hone a skill you love: everyday or every week. Are you like Dr. Dre who has barely ever spent a day outside the studio in decades or are a binge practitioner? In any case, there will be days when you decide to pause. Or in the specific case of lifting weights, stop all together and focus on other physical advancements. 


Stopping ACTIVE gain-hunting weight training or lifting weights is helpful if only you feel it isn’t your life’s work first off - if you love it, never leave it and do it because… just because. For most though, there is a practical time and place to train hard within the goals of your life.  Weight lift only for maintenance.


Stop lifting for a long while but never forever if:


  1. Your beloved activities require disproportionate flexibility
  2. You’ve built enough muscle for a long while that protects and adds to joint mobility
  3. You’ve had catastrophic injury (Ronnie disagrees) or inoperable reoccurring injury
  4. You’re training for endurance (not cardio) 


Otherwise, you are constantly looking for the improvements and pushing gains. 

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