May 23, 2018

#10 PED’s Are Really Just not Horrible | “Cheating” VS. Work Ethic

PED's mean increase Performance....right?

Not in the least.

Think about it - your prescrition for asthma  or ADHD is classified as a performance enhancer in the gym and in sport. What the hell? Let's have a sit-down and speak on this, dicussing the nuances of PED use. I include a story about a lady who took a cocktail of PED's, without receiving the P or the E.



5:00 (Windows 10 ranting)

12:30 My first PED using trainee; why the hush about steroids in the gym - the bodybuilders will tell you straight up!

22:12 Why is this cheating? The truth about who takes "gym supplements"

39:00 Why lie about your use?????

44:35 Healthy people.... might not be all that "healthy."

46:09 Diets don't work because they're unsustainable






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