September 23, 2022

”Connected through Crunches” | 4 ways to stay connected cognitively to your Fitness

Stay active physically but also, stay with it upstairs. Being in amazing shape means your cognitive abilities stay heightened. And, being at the gym is the best place to sharpen your body - true - but also your brain. Doing the same quotidian stuff day after day makes us dull, aloof, and sees our attention wane. Daydreaming and drifting off at work or at crucial family gathering time might cost you. 


Good news: spending more time digging deep and getting after it in the gym only sharpens your mind. 


Training releases the serotonin, the dopamine which boosts global motivation and mood. But does so over time. This isn’t like pill-popping. Training increases blood flow and norepinephrine - billowing your attention and memory to new heights. Other than neurotransmitters, training opens you up socially - increasing your habits for empathy and social-hormone oxytocin, buoying eye contact. All this is important for LEARNING and maintaining the physical body. 


When we’re stressed, we can’t learn and can’t grow. 


We say it all the time, that the world is “chaotic” which alludes to its natural instability. While the world and immediate environments are not actively trying to destroy us (probably more the opposite), our daily lives - commuting, travel, learning and schooling - involve levels of physical entropy. Getting injured from overuse or a trip and fall are real threats to our physicality. 


I see it all the time: when we’re working out in the gym and are active, we rarely injure ourselves compared to when you're lazy and bumming around. 


  1. HRM
  2. RPE
  3. 1 Group workout per week maybe
  4. Do new or adjacent stuff




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