September 15, 2022

Calisthenics: the most fit you can be? | 4 steps to including Calistehnics in your Fitness

The world might be your proverbial playground if you were into chin ups and muscle ups as kids. Sometimes boredom will inspire children to creative physical endeavors for sure. No doubt, when you were a kid, you had more flexibility and global strength as a result of that creativity and motion. Still, adults experience more power, singular strength and endurance and applied strength. We shouldn’t become boring adults who never challenge the motion and movement pattern freely available to us as kids though. Calisthenics makes it happen.


Looking at the boot camps for the military, we derived burpees, pull ups and push ups. Special forces created the TRX. Calisthenics are done by guys like T major. Distance running dominates the mindset of guys like Goggins and others who know you might have the genes to outrun your prey - something humans are naturally more gifted than other animals (the only physical thing, btw.)


Science proves that correct calisthenics can improve your size, strength and more like you have weights. 


Calisthenics must be part of your life. 


  1. Start out learning the Pilates basics
  2. Increase your angles with TRX
  3. Pull up, push ups and running
    1. Burpees, core and Pilates
  4. Experience with doing one legged variants for contralateral and ipsilateral movement and strength

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