September 18, 2018

#18 You Gotta Reach your Physical Potenial | Football players do | Serena Williams and Female Expression (as explained by a dude)

6:45 American football players max their potential physically

8:00 What about you????

8:49 Growth involves every part of emotional, spiritual and physical life... your body craves physical growth the same way

10:31 Seek out Competition becuase it's inside your genome! It's like your trainees who crave to learn combat sports

14:30 Fit chicks, where or who motivates you??? Serena?

15:36 If Serena doesn't get pissed off during her tennis on occasion, how would we know what IS acceptable for women to express in their occassional derision.

17:50 These women are rewriting the rules

20:11 How do YOU get better physically? Because any plateau comes in difffernt heights and sizes


23:00 Kipchoge of Kenya breaks the fucking World's fastest MARATHON record!



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